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During my adult life, I've never felt my age - always younger. But the past few weeks I've been feeling the affects and it seemed to come to ahead this past Friday.

Friday I went to The Rock Church, a 20 somethings church that meets in one of the elementary schools in downtown St. Paul. Although I enjoy visiting new churches I found myself becoming "one of them." The music, the dress, the message - all of it simply didn't resonate with me. Instead of being happy that others were connecting with God, I just thought about how I didn't fit. Ugh.
Looking back, I hope it was the sleepy/medicated/cold-ridden state that I was in. Although I thought the message was weak, the worship songs were helping people to connect with God - from what I could tell of one visit, I think The Rock is doing good.

Feeling less than fulfilled and on the recommendation of a friend, a group of us went to Bethlehem Baptist Church on Saturday night. I hear good things about John Piper and I'm sure people are growing in their faith there but it brought back too much baggage for me to connect. The worship leader seemed pretentious, the music was stuff, the announcement pastor rambled and appeared unprepared and I thought Piper's sermon feel rather flat. Ugh.

Today it seems that the third time proved to be the charm. A group of us went to The Sanctuary a multi-cultural church that meets in a school. Again, it was not my preferred style of music - but today rather than feeling bugged by that I found the music refreshing and the energy of the worshipers was awesome. There were tons of children a huge mix of races and, to my surprise, ages. I think it was as close a picture as I will get of worship in heaven. I hope that I will never forget the picture of two elderly white ladies praising God and joining in song and beat as the church rejoiced through (I assume) Gospel. We didn't get to hear the Pastor, rather there was a visiting speaker - and his message was awesome as well. After the past two churches it was a breath of freshness.



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Nov. 2nd, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC)
I had a very similar feeling at the temple where my cousins were bar and bat mitzvahed in Washington, D.C. There was a lot more of a modern music (well, folky guitary music, not rap or anything like that) feel to it than I'm used to. But if that folky community feel is what's keeping families connected to Judaism, more power to them.
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