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Museum Day

Omnimax ProjectorIt was a field trip day for Kevin and Alex today as we headed to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's free day. I expected it to be a little crowded since it was a free day, but school, cold weather, and the winter blahs must have kept people away, it was pretty vacant. The boys were very excited and enjoyed having our packed lunch inside the museum when we arrived.

We found that they were having a special "Wow Tour" that was free, though limited...and tickets were available. After getting our tickets we caught a couple of exhibits, including the chick hatchery. We then headed to the rotunda to see a chemistry show..."Flash, Bangs, and Fire" or something to that effect. We sat up front and got to see sodium and a few other elements burned, a pickle dipped in lithium electrified...then the big finale. First a balloon filled with hydrogen was set on fire and it quickly exploded - then one filled with hydrogen AND oxygen - the resulting explosion was likely heard through the building and certainly shook our area.

The Wow Tour was awesome. We learned a little bit about the history of the museum and was taken into a few "staff only" areas. We saw some offices, the security area, and the inside of the projection booth for the Omnimax (pictured).

After that we saw the sub, the new YOU exhibit, and the idea factory - where we stayed until they started turning out the lights. A great day was had by all.

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