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From time to time I come back here and say..."Hey, I haven't blogged in a while...." only to blog a bit then disappear for a long time.

While I'm sure that there are a few people that are interested in what I say here, the truth is, the sporadic posting is the best way to kill an audience. I'm sure I have fewer readers than I used to. The question is, am I going to change?

On that I would have to say no. I think that livejournal lends itself to a certain type of audience, friends or fanatics. I don't really want to write anything that draws fanatics, nor will I ever be someone that is followed by fanatics (or at least I hope). As for freinds, well, you'll put up with sporatic postings...or you won't. Either way I'm sure you'll still be freinds.

So, I suppose the uestion you may be asking yourself is "Does this mean Jesse's signing off?"

Actually, no. I'm saying that on livejournal I'm going to continue to be sporatic. On Bookworm, I hope that I won't be, but chances are that I will be until I graduate. And, I'm thinking about starting a ministry blog...though I don't know. There's pleanty of great children's ministry blogs out there and I'm not looking to do anything like that...in fact, if I can't figure out what I'm thinkingabot doing, it'll be nothing. But, I think that I just may have hit on a purple cow. It may not be what anyone is looking for, but it may be different enough that I stop trying to emulate and start to create.

Until then, Peace be with you.

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