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What's Next?

For the past few weeks I've been thinking about blogging. I used to have a blog but it was little more than a journal of what was going on in my life and what I was thinking about. So when I needed to move the domain I scuttled the blog and moved everything to livejournal. After all, what I was doing was more like journaling than what I would consider blogging.

Recently though, I've turned my thoughts back to, well, sharing my thoughts. As I look at what is going on in my life I realized that I'm in a rather unique situation.

  • I'm approaching or past 10,000 hours in ministry. While that in no way makes me an expert nor does I ever think I will be, 10 years is a lot longer than many people last.
  • In addition to the above point, I have more time as a pastoral staff person than the rest of the staff I work with, combined. Again, I'm no expert but it does give me a different vantage point from which to see our local church.
  • I'm fairly new to our church. Two years ago I was called away from a church in which I served for seven years. It was a joyful and a painful time. Through the challenges of the past God has given me some great insight and helped me grow as a person and as a leader.
  • I'm the first Children's Pastor that's been called to the church in which I serve. That gives me some freedoms and some challenges.
  • I head a day camp that is beginning it's 25th year. It's well established but that also means it has some old couches.
  • I'm in my senior year of Seminary at Bethel. I've met some great leaders and some people that have the potential to be great shapers of the future of Children's ministry.
  • I'm an echoer. Don't Google that, it's something I've made up. I listen and read with the intent of condensing. I don't some up with a ton of my own stuff but I love passing on tid-bits from others (with credit, of course).
  • Our children and youth ministry is in the midst of building milestones to ensure that we are working together and preparing our children for the adult ministries of the church. This is a great vantage point from which to share, I can tell people what works and what tanks.
  • While we develop milestones, we're also moving toward becoming more orange.
  • I parent two boys - what a wonderful journey!

As I look at this list, I realize that there is a lot that is going to change in the next few years. I have no idea what those things will be, but I believe that God has a great plan unfolding for our area. In the future I may look back and wonder how I got where I am - a blog would help me connect those dots.

So that's why I think I should start a blog. Seems like I'll have content, even if I have no audience I have reason, and to an extent, it's something I enjoy. So what's holding me back?

Truthfully, some of the same things that are prompting me. Seminary, work, and parenting make fore a pretty full plate. Sometimes I just don't want to sit at the computer to write.
The second reason is that I tend to over do things. I feel like I need pictures and links every time I post. I feel like each post needs to be fully refined, almost publishing quality.
And, to a certain extent, I wonder if I will actually follow through with it.
Lastly, there's plenty of other children's ministry blogs.

Other than the last reason, I guess those are pretty lame reasons not to do something.
I suppose, what I lack most, is a name for the new blog.
Or I could just go play Catan.

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