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Glorious Morning

Woah! What a beautiful morning to be a part of the story of God!

The beauty of God has completely blown me away this morning as I get to experience a 7+ hour time of worship for and to our Creator.

This morning started off with the family rising a bit late, but still being fed and ready to head to church a little early and without rushing. I attended our local church for the first service and heard a good message surrounding 1 John 5 and enjoyed joining God's soundtrack with my fellow believers. From there I was joined by Louie Giglio give two great back to back messages about the awesome story of God. As I listened I saw sheep running, ducks coming in for a landing, and beautiful white horses. The countryside is crying out and declairing the glory of God through the changed in color as Fall comes upon us.

It's time for a short pitstop for lunch then I'll be hearing from Reggie Joiner, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, and perhaps others...and hopefully I'll connect with my dad via phone along the way.

For now, it's time to get back on the road and find some lunch.


Riding the #googlewave

The web is all aflutter about Google wave, but unless you get an invite it's hard to know what it is...and if you do get one, it's still difficult to see all what it can do.
You could, of course, watch the Google Developers Conference tibbit on YouTube, but who has an hour and a half to do that?

I found this video instead that gives a good peak into what GoogleWave will be able to do for you...but it's still only hitting the surface:


A Powerful Compassion Moment

I was able to attend Catalyst 2009 this year and was blessed to be witness a very powerful moment...Meet Jimmy Wambua from Kenya.

Catalyst 2009 Compassion Moment from Catalyst on Vimeo.



Here’s some random thoughts…feel free to comment on them.

  1. I feel the desire to blog, but my discipline to do such is not that great. I think I need to focus on having some consistency, if not here, than at least on our Bookworm site. But I suppose my underlying thought is, “Why should I blog?” Is there someone that is actually interested in what I have to say? After lying dormant does anyone read this blog? Will I come back to these thoughts? If I come back to look at these, is Livejournal the best place – will it search easily?
  2. I’m on a break from twitter. It’s a great resource, but I have so much stuff going on in my head I need to disconnect for a short bit.
  3. School seems to be going well. I wonder if it’s senor-itice or if I’m used to the pattern. I took a nap yesterday and didn’t do any school work when I got up…and I don’t feel like I’ve fallen behind.
  4. I need to listen to the CDs when they come from the Catalyst Conference. There was a TON of good information in there and I’m not sure what I need to act on and what I need to put aside for later. I am happy that I made notes in the conference book to that end.
  5. I’m typing this in the latest version of Word…I hope it doesn’t add a ton of junky markup, but I think it will. Did you even know that Word had a blogging feature?
  6. I’m reading Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps…it’s fascinating. Keep watch for my review.
  7. There are SOOO many books I want to read.

Well, that’s all I have to share at the moment…

ps. turns out Word and LJ don't get along...which is fine, I'm sure it would have added a ton of needless markup.


Google Changes Things

A little over five years ago, Google quietly - well, for Google - jumped into the e-mail game with a closed beta. At first I wasn't interested; content with my centralized sillypuppies e-mail. Besides, I like to do things a bit differently; that's why the move to LiveJournal took so long and why I constantly think about moving away from LJ. Anyhow, the more I surfed, the more intrigued I became and eventually solicited my social network (though in 2004 I don't think it was called that) for an invitation.

It didn't take long to get an invitation and I signed up. I've been using that account for RSS feeds and other minor things and have no intention of ever using the address for public mail. Had I known the future, I would have grabbed a name like "jesse@gmail.com" (though that's too short) since I had, essentially, my choice of almost any name. But, until today, I never thought I would begin consolidating mail to google.

GMail's ability to push mail to my phone has changed that. While it's easy to use my computer to grab e-mail from multiple accounts, it's slightly more annoying to have multiple accounts on the phone. So, since I'll keep my original gmail account doing what it does, I'm going to start a new one...but I need to come up with a name that is me. Jesse is to short, JesseMax is taken as is PastorDad, PastorJesse, and a multitude of other ones that I thought might describe me.

Here's where you come in...suggest a name that would communicate who I am. If it's available and I choose it, I'll send you a free book...I'll update later with a selection that you'll be able to choose from.


...God Created...

Keeping in line with last weeks posting (though considerably later) below are my notes for the teaching this past Sunday. I'm having a blast compiling and writing these lessons and even more fun telling the stories. Best of all, though, is the engagement that the children are beginning to have. While they're still not fully used to the whole idea of "wonder," I think it is beginning to sink in
click for Lesson 2Collapse )

Spending the day with Kevin

As a reward for excellent behavior in school over the last two weeks, Kevin was rewarded by being able to go to Caribou to do his schoolwork today. I try to steal away some time there once a week as I find that I am able to accomplish about twice the amount of work that I would do in the office. (It's not the caffeine; it's the lack of other things clamoring for my time). In addition, Kevin had a coupon from our library for a free lunch at Noodles & Company so after finishing up our work, we headed over there for an outstanding lunch.

After lunch, the plan was to head to Barns & Noble for an hour, then head back to the office to do an hour of cleaning and organizing. While there, my phone barfed so I asked Kevin to wrap it up and said we'd head over to the Apple store to see what's happening with the phone. So, he put away the 10th book that he had read in that short period and quickly read another.

I was happy to be able to get a quick appointment at the Genius Bar and was taken care of to my satisfaction (just some pointers and to come back if it happens again). Kevin finished up a game on the computer and then we played around with the in-store iPhones for a bit before heading out.

Jeremy caught our attention on the way home and we stopped by World Market while he picked up a surprise for his wife. Then, our initial cleaning plan being overcome by other events, we headed home. A nice, productive, father and son outing.

In the Beginning...

Today was the first week back for our Children's Church since we took a break over the summer. Over the past year I've been thinking about some of the changes I'd like to make and the off season gave us a needed break to be able to implement those changes. We now have an opening activity, followed by a time of learning about worship (today we sang Forever and God of Wonders) and then we move into our teaching time.

I had a great time teaching...the children are starting to get the hang of the interactive teaching. We didn't have small groups today - that should return next week. Just as well, my teaching time ran over; I'll have to be a bit tighter with the schedule next week.

This year, we'll be going through the entire Bible. Of course, we'll have to skip some things, we only have 30 some weeks. I'll be posting some of the lessons here from time to time, feel free to send any feed back you have...I don't know that I'll have every week, I just enjoyed this lesson enough to want to share it.

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Reading Is Fundamental

I just finished reviewing Zamba over on our family's book blog. I won't dive into the details, but I thought the book good enough to share with followers here as well.

I'll be setting up an auto-tweet for items posted over there. While there may be some bleed over, if you're interested in books or what we may be reading, I encourage you to check it out from time to time, or subscribe to the feed.


Paying for YouTube

Motley Fool had an article entitled "You Tube wants to be your Movie-Rental Store" that essential spoke well of the endeavor by the new Google family member. They believe that it would certainly hurt Amazon and Blockbuster...and maybe Netflix, though they may be okay for now.

There was also concern that it could hurt the YouTube brand confusing the users and making them worry that content may suddenly become costly when it used to be free. Sure, some people can't read and others panic for no good reason.

They failed, however, to talk about the people that can handle being on the internet without someone holding their hand. For those that are internet-literate, you may share my first though: "Why would I want to watch a movie that pauses and buffers every two minutes?"

Sure, I would imagine that YouTube would do much better at streaming their paid content than they do their free, but I don't think I'd plunk down $4 to find out. Especially since I know that Amazon (and would assume Blockbuster) have already worked out the kinks in their system - and don't have an enormous amount of tenny-boppers flooding their servers with the latest vlog about what happened in Mr. Hezner's science class today.

YouTube became the name that it has by offering a unique service. Sure, times are tough or perhaps you need to impress your new owners, but tread carefully when you consider changing your business model. I'd say they would be better off looking for new ways to innovate video on the web rather than trying to jump into a crowded market looking for a piece of limited customer time. Or, go buy Hulu and add premium content, you'd get a much smaller backlash since it fits with who they are known as.

For me, I'll stick with the free videos that I get as part of my Netflix service.

What I am TiVoing

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