Jesse (sp_jesse) wrote,


Here’s some random thoughts…feel free to comment on them.

  1. I feel the desire to blog, but my discipline to do such is not that great. I think I need to focus on having some consistency, if not here, than at least on our Bookworm site. But I suppose my underlying thought is, “Why should I blog?” Is there someone that is actually interested in what I have to say? After lying dormant does anyone read this blog? Will I come back to these thoughts? If I come back to look at these, is Livejournal the best place – will it search easily?
  2. I’m on a break from twitter. It’s a great resource, but I have so much stuff going on in my head I need to disconnect for a short bit.
  3. School seems to be going well. I wonder if it’s senor-itice or if I’m used to the pattern. I took a nap yesterday and didn’t do any school work when I got up…and I don’t feel like I’ve fallen behind.
  4. I need to listen to the CDs when they come from the Catalyst Conference. There was a TON of good information in there and I’m not sure what I need to act on and what I need to put aside for later. I am happy that I made notes in the conference book to that end.
  5. I’m typing this in the latest version of Word…I hope it doesn’t add a ton of junky markup, but I think it will. Did you even know that Word had a blogging feature?
  6. I’m reading Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps…it’s fascinating. Keep watch for my review.
  7. There are SOOO many books I want to read.

Well, that’s all I have to share at the moment…

ps. turns out Word and LJ don't get along...which is fine, I'm sure it would have added a ton of needless markup.
Tags: life

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